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Willa Ashworth

Willa Ashworth works from her studio in Somerset where she combines her love of nature and gardening with her experience in design and sculpture.

Until recently, Willa was for many years a well-known metalworker working with rusted iron. Her pieces now sit in gardens across the country and beyond.  

More recently she has been inspired by the joy of vibrant colour possibilities using resin and dyes. Fantasy flowers uplift your outdoor spaces to bring a smile to even the darkest of corners. 


Since  as far back as the Middle Stone Age,  naturally occurring plant resins have been prized for their multitude of uses, from glues and varnishes to hafting stone tools.  But resin has always been used for aesthetic purposes as well as being a practical problem solver. Even in early times, the curious experimented to include resins in perfumes and incenses and it is even responsible for the distinctive taste of the Greek wine, retsina. 

Modern day synthetic resins are equally as adaptable, solving problems in industry,  functioning  as an alternative to glass and here offering a  flexible and durable base for Fantasy Flowers.   

Resin is weather resistant to zero degrees, and drop safe on all but the hardest surfaces. Our dyes are specially selected to hold their colour but last even longer out of direct sunlight. 

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